Monday, April 27, 2015
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  • 2015-20 April 22, 2015 ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel Meets Next Week, login for The Journal's review of working and information papers; FAA/PHMSA public meeting tomorrow

  • 2015-19 April 17, 2015 DOT Addresses High Hazard Flammable Trains: FRA Issues Emergency Order, Safety Advisories, Notice and Request for Comment; Joint Safety Advisory with PHMSA

  • 2015-18 April 8, 2015 NTSB Issues New Recommendations to PHMSA Addressing DOT-111 and CPC-1232 Tank Cars

  • 2015-17 April 6, 2015 PHMSA Issues Notices In Response to a Court Order Regarding Carriage of Spare Fuel Cell Cartridges Containing Flammable Gas on Aircraft and to Clarify Fireworks Approval Policy

  • 2015-16 April 1, 2015 UPS to Require Pre-Approval of Lithium Metal Battery Shipments; Summary of FAA Alleged Penalty Violations; updated for Internet Explorer