Sunday, April 26, 2015
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The Journal of HazMat Transportation

Since 1990, The Journal of HazMat Transportation™ has focused exclusively on providing expert review and analysis of U.S. and International hazardous materials transportation regulations. Since the beginning, it has been an indispensable management tool for both large and small chemical companies and government agencies throughout North America and Europe.

Why should you subscribe? In addition to the bi-monthly publication, The Journal offers services and content unavailable anywhere else: HazMat Alerts offer timely notification of substantive U.S. and International Regulatory Events, and our database of content contains not only The Journal's reports since 1995, but every Department of Transportation letter of interpretation issued since 1993. Our search engine has been fine-tuned to provide reliable and relevant results across our database of over 5,000 documents.

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Technical Advisors and Regulatory Specialists

Frits Wybenga was the Deputy Associate Administrator for Hazardous Materials Safety in DOT. He represented the United States at the UN Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and its Sub-Committee. Ed Mazzullo was formerly Director of the Office of Hazardous Materials Standards within DOT’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. He has over 30 years of hazmat regulatory experience with DOT.
Geoff Leach is the Director of The Dangerous Goods Office Limited at London Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom. In 2007 he was elected Chairman of the ICAO DGP, a position he held until 2014 when he left the CAA. Jean-Pierre Gagnon worked for the National Transportation Agency of Canada and Transport Canada TDG Directorate since 1989. He began his career with the Canadian Transport Commission in 1980. He has been actively involved in all government regulatory changes and programs affecting rail tank cars in North America
James Rader is Senior Vice President of Watco Compliance Services. Formerly the Staff Director, Hazardous Materials Division, FRA, he has over 35-years of experience in railroad transportation. Ed Pritchard is a Senior Partner in the Railroad Services Division at Paladin Consulting Group, Inc. Prior to that he served as Director of Safety Assurance and Compliance at the Federal Railroad Administration.
Glenn P. Wicks, Esq., President, and associates of the Wicks Group, PLLC, provide legal analysis to The Journal on matters of hazmat regulation and compliance. Click here for a full list of Technical Advisors and Regulatory Specialists to The Journal, including: Gordon Rousseau, formerly of the U.S. Coast Guard and DOT, among other industry experts.
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HazMat Alerts
  • 2015-20 April 22, 2015 ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel Meets Next Week, login for The Journal's review of working and information papers; FAA/PHMSA public meeting tomorrow

  • 2015-19 April 17, 2015 DOT Addresses High Hazard Flammable Trains: FRA Issues Emergency Order, Safety Advisories, Notice and Request for Comment; Joint Safety Advisory with PHMSA

  • 2015-18 April 8, 2015 NTSB Issues New Recommendations to PHMSA Addressing DOT-111 and CPC-1232 Tank Cars

  • 2015-17 April 6, 2015 PHMSA Issues Notices In Response to a Court Order Regarding Carriage of Spare Fuel Cell Cartridges Containing Flammable Gas on Aircraft and to Clarify Fireworks Approval Policy

  • 2015-16 April 1, 2015 UPS to Require Pre-Approval of Lithium Metal Battery Shipments; Summary of FAA Alleged Penalty Violations; updated for Internet Explorer